Speakers and lectures

Below the speakers who have already confirmed their participation.

The list is updated daily since many more from all over the world are expected to join the event soon!


Kurt Gold, MD, Board Member of the Austrian Neural Therapy Society

"About the use in local anaesthetics in neural therapy – new research"

Michaela Walter, MD, Board Member and Docent of IMAK

Alexandra Knauer, MD, Board Member and Docent of the Society "Doctors for Acupuncture"

"Fmd meets Acupuncture"

Regina Stemberger, MD, President of the Austrian Society for Neural Therapy

Karin Serrat, MD, Gesundheitseinrichtung der BVAEB, Bad Hofgastein

Michaela Klausner, MD, OptimaMed Rehabilitation Center, Perchtoldsdorf

Workshop on"Neural therapy"

Helmut Liertzer, MD, Board member of the IFMANT

"Sonographic studies of Acupuncture points / trigger Points. Pratical proceedings"


Kien Trinh, MD, Professor, Clinical Track, McMaster University, Ontario

"Acupuncture use in sports medicine at the Olympics"


Jianping Liu, MD, PhD, Director, Centre for Evidence-Based Chinese Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

"Methodological challenges in acupuncture trials"

Czech Republic

Fildan Ladislav, MD, President of the Czech Medical Acupuncture Society of J.E. Purkyne

"Simultaneous use of Acupuncture and collagen injections in treatment of musculoskeletal system"

Fildan Ladislav, MD, President of the Czech Medical Acupuncture Society of J.E. Purkyne

"Medically unexplained oral symptoms (Muos) and Acupuncture. A case report"

Jana Stodulkova, MD, ORIEM, Acupuncture Clinic, Zlin

"Intraorbital acupuncture for dry eye"


Petja Piehler, MD, Medical Director – Clinicum St. Georg GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Aibling

"Introduction in the neural therapy"

Rainer Wander, MD, President of the DGfAN

"Neural therapy for Acupuncture non responder - headache"

Christiane Wander, MD, Board Member of the DGfAN

"Acupuncture as a bovine obstetric aid"


Carlo Maria Giovanardi, MD, FISA President

"Acupuncture Vs. pharmacological prophylaxis of migraine"

Umberto Mazzanti, MD, DO, AMAB Vice President

WORKSHOP on The "AcuOsteo method™ Treatment by Acupuncture and Osteopathy: a personal combination and clinical approach"

Alessandra Gulì, MD, Professor at AMAB - Italian-Chinese School of Acupuncture 

"How Chinese Herbal Therapy can improve Acupuncture Treatment"

Maria Letizia Barbanera, MD, Professor at AMAB - Italian-Chinese School of Acupuncture

WORKSHOP on The "Cosmetic acupuncture: treatment with massage and needling for facial aging"

Fabio Lodo, MD, Professor at Centro Studi Sowen, Milano 

"Endometriosis: a clinical approach"


Stephen Birch, PhD, Associate professor Kristiania University College, School of Health Sciences, Oslo

"Sham Acupuncture, problems and implications: an evidence based analysis"


Cui Shuli, MD, Department of Pain Medicine, Acupuncture Services Clinic, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

"Effect of Acupuncture on reproduction for subfertile - men and women"


Edvin Dervisevic, MD, Health institute for sports medicine and acupuncture, Ljubljana

"Education of doctors during covid-19"

United Kingdom

Mike Cummings, MD, Medical Director of the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS)

"The role of Acupuncture in assessment and treatment of MSK disorders"

Nicola Robinson, Emeritus Professor PhD

"Acupuncture a post-stroke treatment option"

United States of America

Qiufu Ma, PhD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & Department of Neurobiology, Harvard Medical School, Longwood Center

"An anatomical basis for electroacupuncture to drive anti-inflammatory neural pathways"

Jun Mao, MD, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York

"Oncology acupuncture: evidence-informed integration"

Nader Soliman, MD, Past president of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture and President of Alternative Medicine Seminar

"SAAT (Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment) Technique for Treating Allergies A New Magical Auricular Approach"


Hüseyn Nazlikül, MD, President of the IFMANT

"Sacroiliac joint neural therapy injection technique and term effect on chronic sacroiliac region pain"


Tomas Dawid, MD, Director and Associate Professor, Postgraduate Specialty in Medical Acupuncture Faculty of Medicine, CLAEH University

"Pain assessment tools for Acupuncture clinics"