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Provisional program

Below the speakers who have already confirmed their participation.


Volkmar Kreisel, DVM, Clinic for Integrative Medicine

"Laser Acupuncture in Veterinary Medicine"

Christiane Wander, MD, board member of DGfAN

"Acupuncture as a bovine obstetric aid"


Debora Groppetti, DVM, Professor, Veterinary Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic at the University of Veterinary Medicine of Milan

"Acupuncture approach to the treatment of canine pseudopregnancy: clinical and endocrine findings"

Gudrun Mayr, DVM, Professor of the Triennial course of Veterinary Acupuncture S.I.A.V., Medical Director - Mayr Gudrun Veterinary Clinic in Collalbo, Bolzano

"Herbs and Shen: how to use the European herbs according to TCVM principles"

Silvia De Lucchi, DVM, Professor, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist, director of Chi University Italy

"Veterinary Acupuncture for Pain Management & Osteoarthritis."

Laura Romanò, DVM, S.I.A.V., IVAS

"The role of Ancestral Sinews in Feline Myofascial pain Syndrome"

Giuliana Galassi, DVM, S.I.A.V., Medical Director at S.A.Ve. Napoli

"Syringomyelia or Arnold-Chiari like syndrome in dogs. A successful therapeutical approach through acupuncture techniques"

Francesca Parisi, DVM, S.I.A.V.

"Multimodal approach to Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy: Acupuncture and Neural Therapy"

Barbara Valsassina, DVM, S.I.A.V.

"At the origins of acupuncture: the 13 Gui points"

Eliana Amorosi, DVM, Professor of the Triennial course of Veterinary Acupuncture S.I.A.V.

"Use of EA in combination with pharmacological anaesthesia for surgery in dogs and cats: effects on pain control and quality of recovery"

Chiara Rossini, DVM, S.I.A.V.

"Dry needle acupuncture treatments in a hind limbs paralyzed cat with manic behaviour"

United States of America

Jessica Rychel, DVM, Red Sage Integrative Veterinary Partners in Fort Collins, Colorado

"Scientific Medical Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain in Small Animals"

Narda G. Robinson, DVM, Founder, CEO, Course Director at CURACORE VET/CURACORE MED. Fort Collins, Colorado

"Regulation of Digestion, Immune Function, and Cardiovascular Disorders with Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques"


Giuseppe Brambilla, DVM, Medical Director - Study of Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine A.M.O. Sagl in Lugano

"The psychic vision in classical chinese medicine: the Shen"

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