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We moved from Montpelier to Bologna, and I do not think that one could find a more beautiful or more free place in all the world. … At once both sweet and bitter, as you are well aware, it is for me to recall, amidst all these miseries, that happy time, when…. I was a student there.

(Petrarch, XIV century, Letters of Old Age)


Dear Colleagues,


Most of us are no longer students, regretfully I would say, but we keep on studying, lecturing, researching, publishing …in other words, we strive for knowledge.


That’s what we all have in common and that’s why we have decided to rise to the challenge and organize the 35th ICMART congress: an in-person event to welcome you all in Bologna.

No doubt, these are times of miseries, as Petrarch said, but where else can we find courage and support if not in enriching our lives with the latest scientific news, new professional relationships and new friends?


And how possibly can we reach this goal? The best way is to meet and talk, listen to each other’s contribution and ask questions, raise and clear doubts.


That’s what scientists do, that’s what we do, and that’s the lesson we have received from that branch of Medicine we all have chosen: all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites and are composed of two opposite but mutually interconnected forces, known as yin and yang.


The pandemic has created a market for doom and gloom, but we know that the seeds of renaissance are already here. For all of us, who believe in science, that special seed we need to make grow is research.


Let’s meet in Bologna to widen our horizons and build our future together!

Umberto Mazzanti

Congress Co-Chair

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